The Sharpshot Bow is a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a slow-firing yet highly accurate bow, and excels in long range combat where precision is required. Its arrows specialize in dealing high impact and tear damage, and consist of Precision, Tearblast, and Harvest Arrows.

Special Variant

The Banuk Powershot BowFW is a specialized Sharpshot Bow available only once per playthrough, from Bluegleam Merchants in The Cut. It normally costs 14 Bluegleam, though the AdeptNG+ version requires additional resources. It is capable of 'overdrawn' shots where the user can draw the string longer than the limit of regular variants for exceedingly powerful shots. It has 3 slots and is capable of using all 3 varieties of Sharpshot Bow ammo like the Shadow variant. Combined with nocking triple arrows and the usage of damage mods, a fully power-drawn shot can deal extremely high damage per shot from a rather surprising range, perfect for sniping. Its range is enough that a fully drawn shot can hit an enemy from a range where they can't actually find Aloy; even a Thunderjaw can be taken down like this without it ever firing at her. Similar to the Banuk Striker and Champion Bow, undercharged shots deal less damage and tear than even standard bows, with Tearblast Arrows being the only exception.


Precision Arrow

Precision Arrow.png

A highly damaging arrow that deals high impact damage and medium tear damage. Very effective for sniping for headshots and machine weakpoints alike.

Tearblast Arrow

Tearblast Arrow.png

Deals no damage but very high tear shortly after impact. It utilizes a powerful compressed air blast to easily strip armor and components off machines. This arrow also knocks down weaker human enemies, rendering them vulnerable to Critical Strikes. The blast can attract a lot of attention, however.

Harvest Arrow

Harvest Arrow.png

Deals low impact damage and moderate tear. It removes machine parts with high precision. Removed parts that can be looted will yield more resources.

Weapon Stats

Numbered value of damage are presented from left to right following the Difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard, numbers in Bold are of Normal difficulty. Numbers in brackets are the undercharged values of Powershot bows. Tear damage remains the same between Easy and Very Hard.

Ammo Type Variants Damage Damage-Icon.png Tear Tear-Icon.png
Precision Arrow Basic
240-75-60-54-48-42 60-30-15
Banuk PowershotFW
Adept PowershotFW NG+
400(200)-125(63)-100(50)-90(45)-80(40)-70(35) 100(50)-50(25)-25(13)
Tearblast Arrow Carja
None 200-100-50
Banuk PowershotFW
Adept PowershotFW NG+
Harvest Arrow Shadow
40-13-10-9-8-7 100-50-25
Banuk PowershotFW
Adept PowershotFW NG+
200(20)-63(8)-50(5)-45(5)-40(4)-35(4) 120(100)-60(50)-30(25)

Ammo and Modification Slots by Variant

Bow Variant Precision Arrow Tearblast Arrow Harvest Arrow Mod Slots
Basic Precision Arrow.png 1
Carja Precision Arrow.png Tearblast Arrow.png 2
Shadow Precision Arrow.png Tearblast Arrow.png Harvest Arrow.png 3
AdeptNG+ Precision Arrow.png Tearblast Arrow.png Harvest Arrow.png 4
Banuk PowershotFW Precision Arrow.png Tearblast Arrow.png Harvest Arrow.png 3
Adept PowershotFW NG+ Precision Arrow.png Tearblast Arrow.png Harvest Arrow.png 4

Acquisition Details

Variant Sources Regular Cost Ultra Hard Cost Sell Value
Basic Merchant-Icon.pngGeneral Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 105 MetalShardsTransparent.png 525 MetalShardsTransparent.png 25
Carja Merchant-Icon.pngTier 2/3/4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 210
10 Metalburn
MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,050
20 Metalburn
MetalShardsTransparent.png 50
Shadow Merchant-Icon.pngTier 3 & 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 800
1 Sawtooth Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 4,000
2 Sawtooth Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
AdeptNG+ Merchant-Icon.pngTier 3 & 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,600
1 Sawtooth Heart
1 Longleg Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 8,000
2 Sawtooth Heart
2 Longleg Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
Bluegleam Merchants
(1 per playthrough)
14 Bluegleam 14 Bluegleam MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
PowershotFW NG+
Bluegleam Merchants
(1 per playthrough)
MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,250
14 Bluegleam
1 Scorcher Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 6,250
14 Bluegleam
1 Scorcher Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100


  • The bow Rost carried throughout his appearance during Aloy's childhood in the game is a Sharpshot bow, judging by its physical appearance.


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