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"They say the Sun will provide... but when?"
―Shadow Carja refugee

Shadowside, sometimes called the Tent City, is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a Shadow Carja refugee camp on the outskirts of Sunfall.


Following the Liberation of Meridian, supporters of the deposed Sun-King Jiran fled the city and took the western border fort of Sunfall as the de facto capital for the Shadow Carja. Nobles and artisans populated the Citadel, but the city was not prepared to sustain the large influx of residents resulting from the Meridian exodus. As a result, the poorest Shadow Carja became displaced refugees relegated to the city's outskirts.

Associated Quests

Healer's Oath

Aloy receives this quest from Abas, outside one of the tents on the left side of Shadowside.

Traitor's Bounty

Aloy receives this quest from Vanasha, who insists that the disgraced Shadow Carja general Uthid is innocent. To start this quest, Aloy must meet Vanasha outside the green tent in Shadowside.