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"She's an outcast in all but name. But still, she loves her tribe, she loves her people."

Seyka is major character in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.[2] She is a Quen marine who becomes a companion to Aloy.


Seyka is female Quen with long black hair that is kept intricately braided into a long flowing ponytail, brown eyes, and a light complexion. She wears ornate armor and a headpiece that denotes her status as a marine and petty officer of the Quen Navy.


Seyka and her younger sister Kina were among the Quen selected for the Eastern Expedition to San Francisco. During the voyage, the fleet was split in two, with Seyka's half winding up stranded in the Burning Shores with no clue regarding the fate of the others.

In the time of crisis, Seyka rose to the challenge and stepped up to help her people, earning her the respect of her Admiral, Gerrit.

Betrayal for her People[]

Saying Goodbye[]

After defeating Londra and his Horus, Seyka asks Aloy to meet her at the spot where they had first met. Aloy nervously arrived and Seyka claimed that she planned to remain at Admiral Gerrit's side to help him reunite with the other part of the Quen expedition. But most of all what she really wanted was to be with Aloy, even though her duty prevented that for the time being. Depending on the player's choice, Aloy can; reciprocate Seyka's feelings and the two share a kiss, tell Seyka that she is not ready for a relationship but is open to the idea in the future, or reject Seyka and claim that she doesn't and probably will never have the time or freedom for a relationship due to the precarious state of the world.


Seyka shares many similarities with Aloy. She is independent, headstrong yet compassionate. A trained and skilled warrior, Seyka doesn't hesitate to put her life on the line for the good of her tribe and the people she cares about. This often puts her in the odds with many of her tribesmen, who see and treat her like an outcast, similar to how Aloy was by the Nora, even if her actions overall would be for the good of her people.

Seyka is more pragmatic than many of her tribesmen. When part of her tribe were being manipulated by Londra, Seyka saw Londra for what he really is, and thus didn't fall for any of his tricks. Her love for her sister Kina is strong, and she would go into any lengths to keep her safe.

Initially, due to being a marine, Seyka is not fond of flying. However, in order to stop Londra's Horus, she is forced to take control of a Waterwing to provide support for Aloy, and develops a knack for flying.

Skills and abilities[]

As a marine, Seyka is an experienced fighter, utilizing a sword, bow, and Ropecaster in combat.

In gameplay, she can use every type of elemental arrow (excluding Adhesive and Berserk) along with Tear Precision Arrows, and will actively switch between ammo types to account for elemental weaknesses. She will also use the Ropecaster to tie down machines or attach Explosive Canister Harpoons.



  • In a PlayStation Blog post, Guerilla announces Aloy's new companion, stating, “We’re excited to introduce Seyka! She’s an ambitious marine who has stepped up to help her people survive. As a new companion for the DLC, Aloy will spend a lot of time with her throughout the story and rely on her help in many situations – a position she doesn’t often find herself in. Confident, compassionate, and fierce, Seyka’s quite unlike anyone Aloy has ever encountered, and she plays an important role in the next chapter of Aloy’s journey.”[2]
  • Seyka is the first character in the series Aloy has the option to fully romance.


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