"Sekuli's work is strange, but it is hers. She follows behind no other."
―Banuk hunter

Sekuli is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Sekuli is a painter found in Song's Edge and a member of Aratak's werak. She partakes in the Banuk custom of rock painting and can be found atop a wooden scaffold overlooking the settlement. She sleeps on the ridge to remain close to her canvas.

Her painting style is controversial. While most Banuk rock painting is done to tell stories from tribal history, Sekuli's work is largely inspired by her own emotions and uses patterns and colors that aren't traditionally seen. She was driven from her werak in Ban-Ur and nearly exiled for this reason, but Ourea saved her by persuading Aratak to take her in. Residents of Song's Edge remain divided about her work. Some consider her to be an integral part of the settlement while others remark disparagingly on her artistic process.

Sekuli claims to have once drank paint to survive during a blizzard.

Associated Quests

For the Werak

Sekuli is one of the four suggestions Ourea gives to Aloy as to how she can gain the werak's attention. Aloy will come to Sekuli in Song's Edge to see how she can help. Sekuli requests that Aloy help her find new pigments to use for her mural, to which Aloy agrees. Upon receiving all nine pigments, Sekuli will complete her painting, which features Aloy (or rather a woman that resembles Aloy, as she explained herself) riding a machine.


  • If Aloy has already collected all of the pigments when she speaks to Sekuli about them, Sekuli will be pleasantly surprised and ask "Do you always travel with your pockets full of paint-stuffs?"


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