"In times of great need, the High Matriarchs may anoint a Seeker – a worthy brave sent forth to accomplish a great purpose."

The rank of Seeker is a special title among the people of the Nora tribe. Nora are generally forbidden to leave their Sacred Land or enter the ruins of the Old Ones, but Seekers are granted these freedoms in order to serve the tribe in times of need.[1]


A Seeker must be personally selected by a Matriarch, and can be recognized by a small charm, known as the Mark of the Seeker, which they carry on their person. Seekers may be chosen during times of peace to serve as diplomats, or during times of conflict in order to drive enemies away from forbidden locations.[1] Only Braves from the tribe can go on to be declared Seekers.

Known Seekers


  • No matter which outfit Aloy has equipped, she always wears the Mark of the Seeker on her belt. The only exception to this is her Outcast clothing.

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