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"Can always count on a pack of Scrappers to carve up any salvage."

The Scrapper is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, and Horizon Call of the Mountain. It is one of the smallest of the Acquisition Class machines, whose function is the gathering and recycling of resources. However, it is also equipped with offensive weaponry that can be employed against perceived threats, such as encountered humans.


The original function of Scrappers was to recycle the bodies of destroyed or otherwise non-functional machines, so that the materials could be used in the construction of more machines. Originally Scrappers were docile, posing no threat to humans. However, their behavior became more hostile as a result of the Derangement.


The chassis of a Scrapper bears some resemblance to the body shape of a hyena.[1] It is quadrupedal, with a humped posture, clawed feet, no tail, and a thick, ridged neck. The machine’s mouth assembly is composed of 3 circular grinders, primarily used for grinding machine parts as part of their recycling function. However they are also used by the Scrapper in melee attacks. Two optical sensor arrays, each composed of four sensors, are located on its head, in the same positions as a hyena’s eyes. A radar scanner is located on its dorsal side between its shoulders, and a power cell is located between its haunches. An energy weapon capable of firing both energy bursts and laser beams is located in its mouth assembly.


Scrappers are invariably found in packs of at least two, roaming areas in search of machine chassis to recycle. Occasionally a Scrapper will stop and use its radar scanner. The Scrapper appears programmed to ignore any radar signature from the presence of a stationary object, machine or moving object that is less than the size of a human. If it detects a moving object that is at least the size of a human, the Scrapper immediately runs to the vicinity of the signature and investigates. However, if the signature is from a machine or from a moving object that is smaller than a human, such as wildlife, the Scrapper ignores it.


Scrappers are agile, and attack in the manner in which they work: in packs. If a threat is identified, the pack of Scrappers attacks it aggressively, employing both ranged and melee attacks. Ranged attacks are employed using the energy weapon located in the Scrapper’s mouth assembly; from it a Scrapper can fire bursts of energy, laser beams, or plasma. Melee attacks include jumping at the enemy and slashing with its claws or swiping with its jaw grinders.

In Forbidden West, Scrapper radars are now capable of scrambling Aloy's Focus, preventing her from using it for 35 seconds.


Scrappers can be instantly killed with a single Silent Strike by approaching from behind while avoiding detection or luring them towards tall grass, or killed during combat by following up with a Critical Hit once knocked to the ground after sustaining previous damage or strong melee attacks. Removing or destroying the Radar disables its area scanning ability, and striking the Power Cell with Shock Arrows triggers a large area-of-effect explosion that electrically stuns anything within range and disables all ranged energy attacks.

In Horizon Forbidden West, the Power Cell is replaced with a Plasma Cell, so Plasma Arrows will set it off, triggering a large area-of-effect explosion that primes anything in range with a Plasma Blast.


Horizon Zero Dawn[]

Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Laser Burst Laser 40 - 8m - 29m Series of pulse blasts fired at enemy
Laser Lead Up Laser 105 12 per second 8m - 25m Beam aimed at ground then along ground longditudinally toward enemy
Laser Sweep Laser 90 50 per second 8m - 20m Beam aimed at ground, then along ground transversely toward enemy
Claw Swipe Melee 85 - 5m - 12m Lunging claw slash
Grinder Jaw Swipe Melee 85 - 8m - 12m Lunging swipe with mouth assembly grinders

Horizon Forbidden West[]

Name Windup Time Damage Damage Over


Trigger Range Description
Reverse Crush Very Short 137 Melee - 0m - 5m Extremely fast bite used to fend off threats from any angle at close range.
Snap Crush Short 180 Melee - 8m - 12m Lunges at target while swinging its head and biting.
Claw Swipe Short 137 Melee - 5m - 17m Lunges at target while swiping horizontally with a claw.

Attack disabled when Slowed. Desperation Attack

Laser Sweep Short Plasma 151, Plasma 37 buildup Plasma 25/s, Plasma 20/s buildup 8m - 28m Fires a beam of Plasma that sweeps from side to side.

Attack disabled when Drenched.

Laser Lead Up Short Plasma 151, Plasma 37 buildup Plasma 25/s, Plasma 20/s buildup 8m - 32m Fires a beam of Plasma that cuts through the ground vertically before sweeping towards target.

Attack disabled when Drenched.

Plasma Burst Short Plasma 108, Plasma28 buildup - 8m - 46m Fires a burst of 6 Plasma projectiles in quick succession.

Attack disabled when Drenched.


Horizon Zero Dawn[]

Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Scrapper-Body Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None
Scrapper-PowerCell Power Cell Shooting these components with Shock Arrows will trigger an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the Sparker inside. Shock-Icon Shock
Tear-Icon Tear
Scrapper-Radar Radar Destroying this component disables the scanning ability. Tear-Icon Tear None

Horizon Forbidden West[]

Name Image Description Attributes
Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None
Radar Detection device. Emits a pulse that reveals enemies, including those in stealth, and scrambles Focus signals.
  • Detachable
  • Radar Removal
  • Contains Valuable Resources
  • Destroyed When Killed
Plasma Cell Primary power source for Plasma attacks. Detach to gather Glowblast or shoot with a Plasma Arrow to detonate.
  • Chain Reaction
  • Attack Removal
  • Destroyed When Killed
  • Key Upgrade Resource


Horizon Zero Dawn[]

Horizon Forbidden West[]


There are two variants of the Scrapper in Horizon Forbidden West.

Variant Weak Vs. Strong Vs.
Scrapper Very weak iconShock-IconShock Strong iconPlasma Plasma
Apex Scrapper Weak iconShock-IconShock Very strong iconFire-Icon Fire

Strong iconPlasma Plasma


  • If allowed to do so, a Scrapper will strip all of the valuable/useful resource from the chassis of a destroyed machine; Aloy, therefore, gets nothing from the chassis.



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