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"One thing -- you won't tell anyone you saw us here, will you?"

Sanctuary is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Seeking revenge on the machines after the Proving Massacre, a hunting party consisting of three Nora Braves from Mother's Crown - Den, Ferl, and Muns - set out after a horde of Corrupted machines. Following the machines' tracks to the edge of Devil's Thirst, the hunting party tracked them down, attacking at dusk. The party was overrun and scattered, and due to the darkness and chaos, Den lost sight of his party. Finding himself alone, he retreated back to Mother's Crown. Fearing for his party but also fearing being cast out for venturing into the forbidden ruins, Den asks Aloy, now a Seeker, to search for his friends.

Upon reaching the site of the fight, Aloy inspects a fallen Corrupted Watcher. Finding more machine and human tracks, Aloy delves deeper into the ruins.

Reaching the ruins of a multi-storied building, Aloy finds the missing hunters, Ferl and Muns, stranded on the second floor with two Sawtooths prowling below. After defeating the Sawtooths, Aloy learns that Ferl's pack containing their weapons was ripped from him by one of the Sawtooths, rendering them unable to defend themselves, hence their escape to the second floor. Giving her word that she would not tell of their treading on forbidden ground, Aloy returns to Den to inform him that his party is safe, Aloy receiving the hunter's gratitude. 


  1. Find the Missing Braves in Devil's Thirst
  2. Investigate the Area
  3. Follow the Tracks
  4. Kill the Sawtooths
  5. Talk to Ferl
  6. Explore the Ruin
  7. Return to Den


  • If the player becomes "Anointed" before doing this quest, the dialogue will change.



Sanctuary - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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