The Rustwash is the northwestern region of the Sundom in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is surrounded by the Daunt, and is the greater location of Sunfall.


While an arid desert like much of the north and eastern Sundom, the Rustwash has some distinct geology, such as hoodoos (especially in the Valley of Omens) and large sand dunes. In the north lies a massive canyon wall, presumably the Daunt, which marks the border of the known world. Within the southwest Rustwash lies a debris field of Old Ones equipment, which is encircled by a Tallneck.

The Derangement has made the harsh region even more inhospitable: the mostly flat landscape and lack of foliage makes it difficult to avoid machines.


In The Old World

The region was once part of the southwestern region of the United States, likely Utah. At some time during 2065, the Project Zero Dawn facility was built here, recycled from an orbital launch base.

New World

The Carja first settled the southern shores of Rustwash during the reign of Sun-King Zavarad. After the disappearance of Sun-King Iriv, his successor Basadid ordered the construction of Sunfall in the Rustwash, in order to protect against possible threats from beyond the Daunt. Unbeknownst to him, Sunfall was built over the ruins of the Zero Dawn Project Facility.

With the exception of bandit activity, nothing notable came of the Rustwash region until the reign of Sun-King Marzid, which saw Sunfall return to the tribes' attention.

After the start of the Carja Civil War, the Rustwash became the main territory of the Shadow Carja, who established themselves in Sunfall. Due to the harsh landscape, the Shadow Carja are unable to grow food for themselves, causing a famine as resources continue to dwindle.


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  • Rustwash is the only region on the map where permanent Rockbreaker sites are found. Any Rockbreakers encountered outside the region are one time quest-specific occurrences.
  • There may have been originally more quests involving Rockbreakers planned for this area.


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