The Ruins are a small unnamed ruin site near Mother's Watch in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Faro Plague

The site was used by an unspecified sub-division of Project Zero Dawn. The director of the site was one Ellen Evans.

In January 2066, the Wichita salient collapsed, which meant that the Faro Plague was certain to overrun the facility in 24 hours. Without exfiltration transport, and facing certain death, the staff was given two choices: those who wished to escape on foot, even though doing so amounted to suicide, were given a 15 minute window to leave the facility. Those who stayed behind were invited to assemble in the facility’s communal room and commit mass suicide via painless medical euthanization. With the exception of one known individual, who chose to die via a self-inflicted gunshot wound, all staff members took this option. Some recorded their last thoughts on their Focuses. These recordings were heard nearly 1,000 years later by the Nora huntress Aloy when she fell into the ruin as a child.

Events of Horizon Zero Dawn

The facility would prove to be instrumental in Aloy’s life, and ultimately the fate of all life. At the age of six, Aloy fell down into the ruin. With the way through which she fell impossible to climb back up through, she ventured deeper inside to find an exit. Inside the facility, she found a Focus. Her sharp, inquisitive mind quickly grasped how to use it. As an adult, its use significantly augmented her naturally keen abilities of perception and observation, greatly enhancing her natural abilities as a hunter. Of infinitely greater importance, it allowed her to interface with ancient technology, allowing her to fulfill one of the purposes that her creator GAIA had for her: to stop the rogue artificial intelligence HADES from reactivating the Faro Plague to again exterminate all life, this time without Zero Dawn to reestablish it.

Aloy would eventually venture back into the ruins as an adult. Inside, she found a power cell, which would later be used to access an ancient set of armor.



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