"Farming must look pretty easy from up there in Meridian."
Carja villager

The Royal Maizelands are a group of farms on the northern outskirts of Meridian in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Royal Maizelands are a massive group of farms, located northeast of Meridian Village. From the Maizelands is a trail leading to Meridian Gate, although Meridian is also reachable via elevator.

The Maizelands are the main source of food for Meridian and the nearby village.


The Maizelands were established by the second Sun-King Amavad in order to provide a reliable source of food for early Carja settlers. With a consistent source of food, the Carja were able to advance far more quickly than their neighboring tribes.

Agriculture is the foundation of the Carja economy and the Sun-King devotes a large part of the kingdom's security forces to guarding the Royal Maizelands.[1] As the Derangement progressed, this became more challenging, although the Carja army continues to protect the area.

The Eclipse Assault

During the Eclipse's assault on Meridian, much of the Maizelands were destroyed in the resulting blaze. Several dormant Deathbringers re-activated and began to consume the fields for fuel as well.



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