Rost's Grave is the site of a memorial dedicated to Rost in Horizon Zero Dawn. It appears after his death while saving Aloy during the Proving Massacre. It is located just outside the front gate of his home and property in the western area of the Embrace. Aloy can return to the grave at any point during her quest and give updates on what has happened.[1]

An Outcast's Reflection

  • "I'm so sorry for the... things I said Rost. I didn't mean them. I was... so angry. I picked up the amulet the moment you walked away. It wasn't worthless. Nothing from you ever was."
    ―First time visiting the grave, if the player chose the "Confrontational" option during the final conversation with Rost.
  • "When you said goodbye... I told you I'd find you. Track you down. Well... looks like you did it, after all. Went somewhere I can't follow."
    ―First time visiting the grave, if the player chose the "Insightful" option during the final conversation with Rost.
  • "When you said goodbye, I was too quick to let you go. I never really thought it'd actually be... the last time I saw you. I was just acting strong."
    ―First time visiting the grave, if the player chose the "Compassionate" option during the final conversation with Rost.

Further Apprises

  • "Hi Rost. Not much has happened since my last visit. The killers from the Proving. They aren't going to hurt anyone anymore. I tracked them to Devil's Grief. There was a battle, and we won. Varl, he... made an impression. Has some mother issues, but... I like him. Guess I should be going. Got some Corrupted Machines to kill. Goodbye, Rost."
    ―Visiting after the completion of Revenge of the Nora
  • "Hi Rost. I'll just take this off. Don't want him listening in. Hi Rost. A lot has happened. I found Olin. Made him tell me everything. Which was a lot. The killers are some kind of cult. The Eclipse. Their leader, Helis... he's the one who killed you. The one you stopped from killing me. Olin said they worship some kind of 'devil' called Hades. A 'Buried Shadow', whatever that means. They're raising ancient machines from the ground. Corruptors. And that's got to stop. Olin said I could learn more about the woman I look like in the ruins at Maker's End. As for Olin, I... I spared him. I know he deserved to die, but... his hand was forced. His family is in danger. So I'm going to save them. Well. I should be on my way to Maker's End. Until next time. "
    ―Visiting after the completion of The City of the Sun, if the player chooses to spare Olin.
  • "Elisabet Sobeck... she couldn't have been my mother. She was an Old One. She lived ages ago. Still, there is a connection. The hatch -- it thought I was her, it's... really strange. Somehow, Elisabet stopped war machines from destroying the world. She couldn't save... the civilization of the Old Ones. That was destroyed obviously. But life? It survived. She saved life from... being devoured. I need to know how Elisabet stopped the machines. If I can find the weapon she built... and use it... the Eclipse won't stand a chance. Speaking of the Eclipse, I think I had a run-in with Hades… I picked up a Focus, and… it was like a cloud or… dark swarm of… something. And its voice… it was terrible. I don’t know what Hades is, or… what it wants. But… it's evil. No other way to describe it."
    ―Visiting after the completion of Maker's End (Quest).
  • "I went to the Grave-Hoard. It… lived up to its name. Millions of people fought and died to give Elisabet the time she needed to finish 'Zero Dawn'. The weapon she built… it wasn’t there. But I found out where she built it. A secret base, west of here. Right under Sunfall, the capital of the Shadow Carja. So getting inside, it's… well, it’s going to take some doing. Before I can get into the Zero Dawn base, I'm going to have to crash the Eclipse Focus network. It's… complicated. I know where to go. Sylens says it won't be too dangerous, but… since when do I trust him? I've got to do it. I need to know what Elisabet built. The weapon that stopped the war machines. And the connection between us… it's still a mystery. One I intend to solve. Well. I've got a Focus network and all to crash, so… guess I should be going."
    ―Visiting after the completion of The Grave-Hoard.
  • "I crashed the Eclipse Focus network. It was a... close call. I nearly died. A bunch of times. I saw it, Rost. Face to face, HADES. An ancient Faro Titan. Or maybe something worse. When I opened the module casing... it was like I had a vision. A world being destroyed. Exterminated. I think that's what it wants, Rost. Extinction. Anyway, I hurt it. Blinded it. Made it so it can't see through the Eclipse's eyes, can't talk to them over distances. So it's time. Time for me to go to Sunfall and learn about Zero Dawn. Wish me luck. Well. Sunfall beckons. Next time we talk, maybe I'll know all about Zero Dawn. Goodbye. "
    ―Visiting after the completion of To Curse the Darkness.
  • "Hi Rost. A lot has happened. So. I went inside the mountain. Do you remember the night before the Proving? The final lesson you taught me? You said I needed to serve a purpose bigger than myself. Well... it couldn't get much bigger. It's the same purpose that drove Elisabet. And GAIA. One they were willing to die for. So yeah. I'll do it. Give myself to that. For Elisabet. And GAIA. And for you. Well. I've got a Master Override to recover, so I guess I'll be on my way. Until next time, Rost. "
    ―Visiting after the completion of The Heart of the Nora.
  • "I've got what I need to destroy HADES. The Master Override. Now all I have to do is drive it into Hades' skull. So... no problem there. The final battle will be fought at Meridian. HADES will come for the Spire. And I'll be ready. I found out how Elisabet died. She... sacrificed herself. As you might expect. Said something about 'going home'. I wonder where that was for her. If I ever find out... I'd like to go there. See it myself. Assuming I actually survive the battle at Meridian, of course. Which, let's face it, is... well. Who knows. Well, I'll try to come back if I can, but... guess this might be it. Thank you, Rost. For everything. "
    ―Last visit after the completion of The Mountain That Fell and before the final battle at Meridian.
"Not enough... must be... perfect!"
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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Guide contains more of the available dialogue from Aloy at Rost's Grave on p.650-3
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