Ron Felder was one of the potential candidates for recruitment into Project Zero Dawn.


Felder was one of a list of potential candidates drawn up by the roboticist and engineer Dr. Elisabet Sobeck to work on Project Zero Dawn. Like all potential candidates, he was abducted and forcibly taken to the Project Zero Dawn facility in accordance with the utmost level of secrecy necessitated by the nature of the project.

After learning the truth about the Faro Plague, he did not take the news very well and mistakenly believed Zero Dawn was a spaceflight project to evacuate humanity from Earth, which he believed to be impossible.[1] After being restrained by handlers and learning the real purpose of Zero Dawn, Felder was deeply skeptical of the project, saying that it was worse than he previously had thought, and calling its creator, Dr. Sobeck, a fantasist. Felder refused to participate in Zero Dawn and demanded to be allowed to leave, but he was detained indefinitely in accordance with the protocols governing the project.[2]

Upon completion of the project, according to these protocols, he was either medically euthanized or released from the facility, to die in the by-then toxic, uninhabitable external environment.[2][3]


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