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"That machine looks like it could flatten boulders, trees... me."

The Rollerback is a machine in Horizon Forbidden West.


The chassis and overall structure of the Rollerback resembles a Pangolin. Its back is lined with metal plates, as well as its bulky, club-like tail. In its neck are adhesive sacs it uses to spit adhesives and in its back are four resource cores. A container-like object hangs from its belly, somewhat like the cargo container of a Behemoth. On the backside of its back, there is no plating, revealing two cooling cores above the top and a massive gravity magnet. It has four thrusters, one pair on the back end, near the generator, and the other midway from the tail on the top. It has Acid Canisters on the bottom of the tail and a big, hammer like mechanism at the end.


True to its namesake, the Rollerback is capable of rolling into a ball, and flattening anything in its path, leaving a trail of fire behind. The Rollerback can also use the scales on its body as aerial projectiles and then magnetically recall them back to itself.


Rollerbacks are able to roll themselves into a ball and propel themselves with its thrusters, allowing to move around and turn quickly, and even jump into the air, spinning fast, and crashing into a threat. It can also spit adhesive agent onto enemies to slow them, allowing it to roll on them or hit them with its tail easier. If an enemy is behind the machine, it will strike with its tail or activate its thrusters to burn anyone behind. It can also use its gravity generator to manipulate its plating, launching it at other enemies and reattaching it after its launched or torn off.


The Rollerback can have its adhesives destroyed to prevent it from spitting, and ripping off its tail prevents it from attacking with the tail strikes. Doing enough damage to the generator will cause a massive explosion, destroying the generator and blowing off some armor plating, preventing the Rollerback from manipulating its armor. Like the Behemoth, the claw holding the container can be shot off, allowing the crate it was holding to be looted.


Name Windup Time Stance Damage Damage Area Trigger Range Description
Burndozer Medium Rolling 250 Melee

Crushed.png Crushed 17

Fire-Icon.png 15/s

Fire-Icon.png 15/s buildup

10m - 26m
Mega-Crush Hammer Short/Medium Grounded 265 Melee

Crushed.png Crushed 17

- 10m - 26m
Sweep and Launch Short/Medium Grounded 200 Melee - 10m - 20m
Hammer Swing Short/Medium Grounded 200 Melee

Crushed.png Crushed 17

- 10m - 20m
Blast Off Short Rolling 300 Melee

Crushed.png Crushed 17

- 12m - 27m
Adhesive Shot Short/Medium Grounded 100 Ranged

Adhesive-Icon.png 100

Adhesive-Icon.png 32 buildup

Adhesive-Icon.png 10/s

Adhesive-Icon.png 5/s buildup

9m - 39m
Gravel Spray Short/Medium Rolling 36 Ranged/hit - 14m - 34m
Thruster Burst Short/Medium Grounded Fire-Icon.png 286

Fire-Icon.png 114 buildup

Fire-Icon.png 15/s

Fire-Icon.png 15/s buildup

5m - 21m




Variant Weakness Strength
Rollerback Corruption-Icon.png Acid Freeze-Icon.png Frost

Shock-Icon.png Shock

Apex Rollerback Freeze-Icon.png Frost Corruption-Icon.png Acid

Shock-Icon.png Shock


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