"Now I am called to a dig in the Rockwreath. They promise another glimpse of you, of our son. How I hope to see you both."
Olin's journal, 54th day

Rockwreath is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn located north of Cut-Cliffs and east of Dimmed Bones.


Rockwreath is one of many ruin sites the Eclipse excavated to revive and recruit defunct Faro robots such as Corruptors into their army.

Following a note in Olin's journal, Aloy came to the Rockwreath to find and interrogate him. Upon arrival, she witnessed the revival of another Corruptor, and Olin watching in horror. Sylens, who had been silently watching through the Focus network, disabled the Focuses of all the Eclipse within the area, ensuring that HADES would not discover Aloy's survival. Making his presence known to Aloy (but not revealing his identity), he warned her that the disabling was only temporary.

Aloy proceeded to attack the cultists (with the exception of Olin) and the two Corruptors within the Rockwreath. With the Focuses disabled, Olin turned on the Eclipse, no longer having to worry about the immediately safety of his family. Once the dig site was cleared, Aloy interrogated Olin. The Oseram shared all he knew about the Eclipse, as well as the woman whom Aloy was mistaken for. Aloy would decide either to kill Olin for his crimes or give him a second chance, but would agree to save his wife and son regardless of her choice.


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