"The Ring of Metal lies in the ruins of Devil's Grief. That ground is taboo."
Sona during The War-Chief's Trail

The Ring of Metal is the name that the Nora use to refer to an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn, specifically, a ruin that is in fact the remains of the Old Ones sports arena in Denver.


Before the Faro Plague

During the time of the Old Ones, the Faro Automated Solutions employee Bashar Mati watched a gladiator-like contest between automatons representing Metallurgic International and the Hartz-Timor Energy Combine with his mother.[1]

In the New World

Like all of the sites and constructs of the Old Ones, Denver Stadium crumbled into ruin after the Faro Plague exterminated the human species along with all other life on Earth. In the midst of the new vegetation spawned by the Zero Dawn terraforming system, the rusted metal skeleton of the original structure stands as part of Devil's Grief, a collection of Old Ones ruins in in the northern region of the Nora Sacred Land.

The Shadow Carja cult known as the Eclipse used the ruin as a main base from which they launched their attack on the Nora during the tribe’s Proving ritual. The Nora War-Chief Sona and the Nora Brave and Seeker Aloy led a successful retaliatory strike against the Eclipse at the ruin that killed all of the Eclipse who were present.




  1. Denver Stadium
  2. This location was determined by the name of this vantage point, the location in Denver, and the shape of and logos on the structure.
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