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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

"Today, we break taboo -- to honor our dead, and punish our enemies!"
War-Chief Sona

Revenge of the Nora is the ninth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After finding War-Chief Sona and her Nora Braves, Aloy helps the group counterattack a group of killers within Devil's Thirst. Sona then tells Aloy that their work is not done. After tracking the remains of the Cultist group near some ruins at Devil's Grief, the Nora look to exact revenge for the Proving Massacre.

Determined to track down the last of the killers in Nora territory, Aloy makes her way to the campsite in Red Echoes. Arriving, Aloy waits with the Nora Braves for nightfall. As Sona approaches, Varl informs her that their scouts found a number of enemy camps in the ruins of Devil's Grief below, guarding the route to the Ring of Metal. Volunteering to take out the alarms herself, Aloy makes her way to the first camp.

After the three camps are cleared Aloy heads to the tallest tower to regroup with Sona and Varl. There they devise a plan to wipe out the killers' camp in the Ring of Metal; Aloy and Varl will sneak into the camp, set fire to their Blaze stockpile to blow a hole in the camp walls large enough for the Nora army to storm through.

Sneaking through the ruins they come to a vantage point where they discover a number of dormant Corruptors in the camp close to the Blaze store. Choosing to infiltrate the camp alone, Varl and Aloy part ways, with Varl promising to be the first to breach the camp once the wall has been destroyed. Sneaking past the killers and Corrupted machines, Aloy sets fire to the Blaze barrels. The explosion takes out the Corruptors and the Nora Braves storm the camp, purging the last of the killers from Nora territory. With the camp cleared, Aloy continues on her journey to find answers about the killers' motives and her past. 


  1. Go to Red Echoes and meet up with Varl and Sona.
  2. Rest at the Campfire
  3. 3/3 Clear the Camps
    1. Destroy the Alarm
    2. Kill the Cultists and Corrupted Machines
  4. Go to the Tallest Tower and meet up with Varl and Sona.
  5. Talk to Sona
  6. Follow Varl
  7. Enter the Metal Ring
  8. Search the Metal Ring for a View of the Blaze
  9. Sneak to the Blaze and shoot it with Fire Arrows to destroy the Corruptors and clear a path for the Nora.
  10. Shoot the Blaze
  11. Kill the Cultists



Revenge of the Nora - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • If Aloy clears out at least one camp or all camps before meeting Varl and Sona at Red Echoes, the dialogue changes slightly to reflect it.
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