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Resources are crafting materials and miscellaneous loot. They can be found growing or laying around, and in any lootable container, including machines and humans, that Aloy finds in the world. Resources are usually highlighted in purple when Aloy looks through her Focus.

Not all items are used in crafting. Some - especially Old Ones artifacts - are only valuable to merchants for trading or selling for shards. All items (except Ridge-Wood) can be sold to merchants.

Basic Resources

  • Metal Shards - Currency all items are sold for, but also used in crafting.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Crafting & Trading Resources

Items used for both Crafting and Trading
Items only used in Crafting or selling to Merchants for Shards
Items that can only be sold or traded to Merchants for rare items
Items that can only be sold for Metal Shards (even if they are marked for trading or crafting)

Horizon Forbidden West

Medicinal Resources in Horizon Zero Dawn

Items that can picked up from plants and mushrooms in the world, but are immediately added to Aloy's Medicine Pouch