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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers for Horizon Forbidden West. Read ahead with caution.

"All I have left are the screams of those long dead and unending rage."

Regalla is a major antagonist in Horizon Forbidden West. She is the leader of a faction of Tenakth rebels whose exploits have united the tribe against them.[1]


Regalla is a tall, thin and muscular woman with dark skin, long ashy gray hair with two braids over her shoulders and brown eyes, in addition to having black, gray, and red face paint.


Regalla was born in the Tenakth's Desert Clan, although she abandoned her clan to become a Marshal. She managed to earn the right to challenge The Enduring, but was refused on account of her rage. She eventually became one of Hekarro's greatest and most loyal Marshals, being able to settle disputes with her presence alone.[2] Regalla had already gathered a fearsome reputation among the Desert Clan for her ways of dispensing 'justice.' She would listen to a the parties dispute and give them a single chance to come to an accord. If they did not, both would die. Whether this carried to other clans is unknown, but many would rather talk terms over having her involved as judge.

Red Raids[]

Regalla's three brothers were among the first to meet the Carja in battle. The defense ended in defeat, and Regalla's brothers were captured by the invading forces. She found her brothers just in time to see them burned alive by the Carja as an "example".

This act of barbarity filled Regalla with boundless hatred for the Carja, which could only be satiated by their extinction. Regalla wanted no survivors from any battle involving the Carja and considered it an insult when Fashav, a captured Carja soldier, was given the right to participate in the Kulrut to earn his place as a member of the tribe. This action may have started the rift between her and Hekarro. When Fashav served as Marshal to Hekkaro, Regalla would insult him or show her disgust every opportunity she had. She goaded him into attempting the trial of the Valley of the Fallen, in hopes that he would die in the attempt, only to be further angered when he survived.

Late into the war, the Tenakth pushed the Carja back into their territory when Hekarro gave the order to fall back. Regalla considered it a move of weakness when they had the advantage and power, but she had no reason to doubt Hekarro's strength and skill. While disappointed, Regalla stayed her hand, and followed her Chief's order, believing a greater plan would unfold. At some point, the Carja sent a priest as a delegate to negotiate peace.

When Regalla realized Hekarro wished to build peace with the Carja she despised, she was furious. Seeing peace as an insult to those lost when the Tenakth pushed the Carja out of their territory, and her own grief in the face of Carja barbarism, Regalla deemed Hekarro a traitor to the Tenakth and challenged him for control of the tribe. The ensuing battle ended with Hekarro's victory. Tradition of the duel often meant death for the defeated, and most Tenakth considered that death an honor. However, knowing the tribe was weak from war and in need of strong leaders, Hekarro chose to spare Regalla due to her previous service. Regalla, bitter and angry that Hekarro would treat with enemies of the tribe, and now denied an honorable death by Tenakth custom, cursed Hekarro for his supposed weakness, swearing vengeance upon the chief and any who followed him.

Sons of Prometheus[]

After her failed fight, Regalla brooded on her defeat and was desperate to find a way to achieve the vengeance she sought. Fortune soon changed after she encountered a group of Oseram mercenaries calling themselves the "Sons of Prometheus". Notably, they had the ability to override machines, and their leader, Asera, shared Regalla's burning hatred of the Carja. Seeing a way to gain tactical advantage on Hekarro and an ally against the Carja, the two parties came to an agreement: the Sons of Prometheus would show her how to override machines while Regalla would seize control of the Tenakth tribe and send the army to attack the Zeniths.

Forbidden West[]

During a delegation between the Carja and Tenakth, Regalla and her rebels attacked and killed most of those attending, including most of the Tenakth's Marshals. At the end of the battle, Grudda, one of her champions, challenged two of the survivors, Aloy and Varl of the Nora. Grudda was able to quickly subdue Varl but was easily killed by Aloy. With the challenge over and the battle won, Regalla turned back to Tenakth territory victorious. She considered the death of Fashav, whom she had always thought of as an insult to Tenakth tradition, to be a happy moment of the battle.

Regalla's massacre of the Marshals forced Hekarro to hold another Kulrut in order to rebuild his forces. Hoping to kill Hekarro in front of all the Tenakth clans to demonstrate her strength and ability, Regalla and her forces ambushed the next Kulrut. She fought Hekarro in the throne room and came close to killing him but was ultimately unable to end him. Defeated and outnumbered, Regalla retreated.

Reinforced with Tremortusks and other machines, Regalla once again attempted to storm the Grove and kill Hekarro. Just as Regalla had Hekarro cornered on a balcony, Aloy flew in on a Sunwing and disabled her machines. Aloy challenged Regalla to single combat, to which she accepted. A heated duel ensued, ending in Regalla's defeat at the hands of Aloy.


At this point, Regalla's life lay in the hands of Aloy. Should Aloy choose to end her life, Kotallo will drive a spear through her.

Should Aloy spare her, Regalla will be offered a more "suitable" death: joining the assault of Far Zenith's base and meeting her demise at the hands of forces far beyond her ability to grasp. Regalla will accept the offer of a better death and wait in the basement of Aloy's base for the assault. During the attack, she will then meet the demise she was promised, overwhelmed by Specters in a crumbling corridor.


Raised in the Tenakth ways, Regalla is a warrior first, and a highly capable one at that. Skilled in tactics and weaponry, she was one of the points of pride for the Desert Clan, even while she rebelled against Hekarro. Despite her blind wrath, she proved herself strong enough to become one of Hekarro's greatest Marshals and was respected, even feared, among her Tenakth brethren. Before starting the civil war, she was regarded as his most prominent champion. Her name alone was often enough to get disputes settled as she had a fearsome reputation when parties did not capitulate.

The Red Raids and loss of her family drove Regalla to near madness. She became an embodiment of vengeance and inspired many Tenakth unhappy about peace with the Carja to join her crusade. The Carja bear the brunt of her hatred due to their barbarity during the Red Raids against her family, and she dedicated her life to destroying the tribe. However, her obsession with the Carja's destruction nearly blinded her to all reason, and any Tenakth who do not share her vision of the Carja's destruction is an enemy who must face death.[3] To Regalla, peace is nothing but a pause between vendettas, and often a sign of weakness. Her headstrong nature made her want to press any advantage she can muster, without thinking how or why she could be manipulated because of it.

Regalla's hatred for the Carja also turned her into a racist. She considers the Carja worthy of nothing but Tenakth blades, their blood existing to be spilled by her people. She finds it offensive to allow any outsider to be allowed to bear the marks of the Tenakth or wear their armor in battle, indicating that her prejudice extends to all tribes, but the Carja bear the brunt of it. Any Tenakth who would accept terms of peace from an opponent is not considered to be one in Regalla's eyes. She believes that there is no opponent superior to her armies and sees every other tribe as inferior to the strength of the Tenakth. She sees the Carja's defensive capabilities and holding out behind walls as a sign of cowardice.

Her racism found an easy target in Fashav, as she considered it an insult when Hekkaro gave him the opportunity to compete in the Kulrut. No matter how Fashav served, or how respected he was, she could never accept him. Every time she saw him, she saw her old enemy that she was unable to destroy. She would glare at him with disgust every time they met, and openly insulted him and his ability whenever she could. While she longed for his death, she was not stupid, and hoped that most trials reserved for the Tenakth and Fashav's own need to prove himself would be his undoing, such as when she goaded him into accepting a trial in the Valley of the Fallen. She admits that seeing him die at the Embassy made her happy.

Her blind vengeance has driven her to attempt brutal reprisals against the Tenakth who defy her will. Regalla planned to have an overridden Behemoth and other machines rampage and destroy Fall's Edge, a major Lowland settlement. Had it not been for the defection of a young soldier and the help of Aloy, her plan may have succeeded. She does not care who has to die in her vendetta against the Carja and Hekarro, and was willing to sacrifice her whole tribe in a suicidal attempt to claim the Zenith base, as long as she got a chance to burn Meridian to the ground in return. She already had a fearsome reputation for killing claimants who could not settle their differences.

Despite her bloodlust and uncompromising nature, Regalla retains a sense of honor. She does not fall back on her word and does have sense to know when she is beaten. That said, she often redoubles her efforts to crush her opponents with more brutal attacks and reprisals, almost mirroring the Mad Sun-King Jiran, and the Carja she claims to despise.

Battle stats[]


Level HP Armor HP/Tear Tear-Icon Helmet HP/Tear Tear-Icon Additional Info
35 500 (Phase 1 & 2)

2000 (Phase 3)

440/440 950/550
  • Equipped with 14 armor pieces.
  • Helmet cannot be removed until the final phase.
  • Vulnerable to Fire and especially Plasma.
  • Resistant to Frost and especially Shock.
  • Coats sword with Plasma starting at 50% HP; lasts for 40 seconds each time.
  • Takes reduced damage from headshots and stealth strikes.
  • Susceptible to knockdowns and finishing strikes at 25% HP.


Attack Type Damage Trigger Range Description
Slash combo 97/97/194/194 Melee 0m - 6.5m 4-hit combo. Will cancel if first few strikes miss.
Slide Thrust 194 Melee 7m - 11m Slides towards target and thrusts her blade.
Backwards Slash 145 Melee 0m - 4.5m Turns around with horizontal slash and can continue with a combo.
Heavy Combo 97/145/194 Melee 1.5m - 6m 3-hit combo
Heavy Jump Combo 194/97/145/194 Melee 8.5m - 11.5m Sprints at target, jumps forward and hits with a powerful vertical slash. Can be followed up with the Heavy combo.
Push Back 97 Melee 0m - 3.5m Pushes back opponent after blocking an attack, exposing them to a counterattack.
Counterattack 145 Melee 0m - 4.5m Can be used after a push back.
Grab Attack 291 Melee 0m - 4.5m Jump-kicks off target then fires an arrow.
Hit & Run 40 Melee

145 Damage-IconRanged

0m - 6.5m After a horizontal slashing attack, switches to bow and fires. Used to create distance to switch to ranged combat.
Shoot & Run 40 Damage-IconRanged

145 Melee

0m - 6.5m Moves back while shooting an arrow, then switches to melee weapon and charges with a slam down attack. Used to switch to melee combat.
Twin Plasma Shot 85 Damage-IconRanged

40 Plasma Plasma

145 Plasma Plasma buildup

16m - 50m

(5m - 50m in Phase 2)

Shoots two consecutive Plasma arrows that leave hazardous pools where they land.
Frost Barrage 85 Damage-Icon Ranged

109 Freeze-Icon Frost

63 Freeze-Icon Frost buildup

25m - 50m

(5m - 50m in Phase 2)

Shoots a barrage of five Frost arrows in a wide spread that leave hazardous pools where they land.
Warhead Javelin 50 Explosive-Icon Explosive (average) 17m - 70m

(5m - 70m in Phase 2)

Throws a Javelin at target that splits into multiple warheads which explode shortly after impact.
Dust Cloud None 3m - 10m Drags sword against ground to kick up a cloud of dust that conceals next action. Will usually follow with a melee attack.

Additionally, Regalla shares the same ranged moveset as Rebel Sharpshooters, dealing 97 or 145 Ranged damage per hit.



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