"Ahsis received word about Redmaw and rushed out. Talanah found out a short time later and had to follow."

Redmaw is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


When Aloy returns to the Hunters Lodge to present Ahsis with the trophies collected during Deadliest Game, she is greeted by Ligan. He informs her that Ahsis and her Hawk, Talanah, have gone in pursuit of the monstrous Thunderjaw known as Redmaw.

After learning that Ahsis and Talanah have left Meridian to hunt down Redmaw, Aloy makes her way to the Spearshafts in the southeast to provide aid for her Hawk. Arriving at the Spearshafts, Aloy finds Talanah surrounded by outlanders whom Ahsis hired to keep her reaching Redmaw. After killing the outlanders, Aloy follows her Hawk to the location that she last saw Ahsis. When they arrive, neither the Sunhawk nor the machine are to be seen. Using her Focus, Aloy picks up their tracks, following the trail of destruction and machine armor through the jungle to a clearing where they find Ahsis fighting Redmaw. Despite an admirable effort by Ahsis, he is unable to avoid the Thunderjaw's tail, sending him hurtling through the air and out of the battle.

Working together as Thrush and Hawk, Talanah and Aloy manage to finally take down the Thunderjaw that has claimed so many hunters, relieving Ahsis of his title. To their surprise, Ahsis is still alive although fatally injured. He maintains his arrogance, believing that he kept the Hunters Lodge alive as long as he was Sunhawk. Not long after, the hunter finally passes on. With their hunt now finished, Talanah tells Aloy to meet her back at the Lodge.

Aloy arrives at the Lodge in time to catch the end of Talanah's prayer dedicated to the Hawks that fell during the Massacre. After Talanah finishes, Aloy meets her on the balcony, where the new Sunhawk reveals the memorial that has been prepared for the fallen Hawks. Offering her congratulations, Aloy bids Talanah farewell.


  1. Talk to Ligan
  2. Find Talanah
  3. Kill the Outlanders
  4. Talk to Talanah
  5. Follow Redmaw's Tracks
  6. Kill Redmaw
  7. Talk to Talanah
  8. Talk to Talanah
  9. Talk to Ahsis
  10. Talk to Talanah
  11. Talk to Talanah



Redmaw - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • If this quest has been completed before The Looming Shadow, Talanah will join Aloy as an ally in Meridian.
  • Aloy's Focus only identifies Redmaw as "Thunderjaw", despite it having a name, and despite other named individuals having their names represented in Focus scans.
    • This may be because Redmaw is a machine, or because there are not enough differences from other Thunderjaws for the Focus to recognize it as unique.
      • Alternatively, it may just be a simple bug in the game code.
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