"This close range bolt gun fires multiple projectiles with each shot and is best used when accuracy is not as important as landing multiple hits."
―Inventory description

The Rattler is a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a short-ranged bolt gun that fires five projectiles per shot. It is best used when accuracy is not as crucial as landing multiple hits due to its large spread.


The Rattler's ammo pouch has a maximum space of 150 bolts per type at full upgrade. A fully loaded Rattler has 25 Bolts, firing 5 with every shot. Numbered damage values are displayed from left to right following the difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard, with numbers in Bold being of Normal difficulty. Tear and Elemental damage remains unchanged outside Story and Ultra Hard.

Ammo Type Variants Damage Damage-Icon Tear Tear-Icon Elemental
Metal Bolts Basic / Carja
Shadow / AdeptNG+
40-13-10-9-8-7 10-5-3 N/A
Shock Bolts Carja / Shadow / Adept NG+ 20-6-5-5-4-4 None Shock-Icon8-5-3
Freeze Bolts Shadow / Adept NG+ 20-6-5-5-4-4 None Freeze-Icon8-5-3

NPC only

Fire Bolts

Deals projectile and fire damage.  Used only by Elite Cultist Punishers.

Ammo and Modification Slots by Variant

Variant Metal Bolts Shock Bolts Freeze Bolts Mod Slots
Basic Metal Bolts 1
Carja Metal Bolts Shock Bolts 2
Shadow Metal Bolts Shock Bolts Freeze Bolts 3
Adept NG+ Metal Bolts Shock Bolts Freeze Bolts 4

Acquisition Details

Variant Sources Regular Cost Ultra Hard Cost Sell Value
Basic Merchant-IconTier 2/3/4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent 130 MetalShardsTransparent 650 MetalShardsTransparent 25
Carja Merchant-IconTier 3 & 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent 250
10 Rich Meat
5 Fatty Meat
5 Bony Meat
MetalShardsTransparent 1,250
20 Rich Meat
10 Fatty Meat
10 Bony Meat
MetalShardsTransparent 50
Shadow Merchant-IconTier 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent 950
1 Boar Skin
1 Rabbit Skin
1 Fox Skin
MetalShardsTransparent 4,750
2 Boar Skin
2 Rabbit Skin
2 Fox Skin
MetalShardsTransparent 100
Adept NG+ Merchant-IconTier 4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent 1,900
1 Goose Skin
1 Rat Skin
1 Raccoon Skin
MetalShardsTransparent 9,500
2 Goose Skin
2 Rat Skin
2 Raccoon Skin
MetalShardsTransparent 100


  • The requirement to buy Rattlers can be considered unique amongst weapons as it demands no machine parts beside Shards, having rare animal parts as the price instead.
  • The Rattler seems to be the least popular weapon among the players of Horizon Zero Dawn.


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