Rasgrund was a murderer from the Oseram tribe who was imprisoned at Sunstone Rock, a Carja prison located in a clearing on the southwest edge of the jungle south of the Carja capital of Meridian.


A pitiless sadist with considerable skill at crafting lethal traps, Rasgrund was considered so dangerous that he was kept in an isolation cell, separate from the other prisoners. However, he escaped. On escaping, he exacted revenge on the prison and its warden by using a machine lure to summon two Behemoths to the prison before fleeing. Presumably, his intent was that the massive, powerful machines would destroy the prison and kill everyone inside, particularly Warden Janeva.

However the Nora huntress Aloy happened to pass through the area as the Behemoths rampaged, and killed them. Aloy then spoke with Janeva, who offered her thanks and asked her to track down and eliminate Rasgrund as well as two other very dangerous criminals. Aloy agreed to do so, though not without some reservations regarding killing them as opposed to recapturing them and turning them over to Carja authorities.

Associated Quests

Sunstone Rock

As per Janeva's suggestion, Aloy found Rasgrund at Dusk Mesa, northwest of Sunstone Rock. He had climbed atop a cliff in a gorge, and booby-trapped the gorge with motion-sensitive mines containing Blaze. Any movement within a specific radius of a mine would cause it to detonate, and the narrow confines of the gorge made approaching them a certainty. A very annoyed Aloy was forced to detonate each mine ahead of her with an arrow before she could continue further into the gorge, while enduring Rasgrund's incessant taunting. As she made her way forward, Rasgrund continually changed his position.

Finally, Aloy cornered Rasgrund. He pretended to surrender, but Aloy, by now fully aware of what she was dealing with, demanded to see what he had in his hand behind his back. He produced a blast bomb and dropped it with a nonchalant "Oops!", forcing Aloy to quickly withdraw as it exploded, killing him. As she made her way out of the gorge, Aloy wryly mused that at least he died doing what he loved.

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