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Ranaman is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Ranaman was the son of a rich Carja noble, growing up on a luxurious estate with his sister Daradi. While much of his early life is unknown, Ranaman turned to a life of crime, beginning with gambling and progressing to theft and extortion. Eventually, his father disowned him for his wickedness, with Ranaman promising vengeance.

Some time later, Ranaman planted a machine lure on the estate to attract dangerous machines, with the intent of killing his family and all others on the estate so he could claim it as the sole heir.

Associated Quests

Fatal Inheritance

Pretending to be a concerned son looking for help, he tried convincing Carja soldiers in Meridian Village to clear out the estate for him. While the soldiers refused to help due to the increasing danger of machine attacks, he did find help from Aloy, who agreed to take care of the machines.


There are two possible divergences at this point. Whichever one is seen depends on if Aloy investigates the estate, or returns immediately to Ranaman.


Aloy cleared the estate of machines, found and destroyed the lure, and learned the truth from Ranaman's sister Daradi, the sole survivor of the attack. Ranaman arrived shortly afterwards with another lure, smugly promising death to the two women through the machines the new lure would bring. This quickly became his undoing; one of the Glinthawks attracted by the lure seized him and dropped him to his death.


Aloy cleared the estate of machines, but failed to notice any evidence of Ranaman's crime, or of his surviving sister. When she returned to Ranaman and reported seeing no survivors, he pretended to be distraught, and claimed that he needed to return to the estate and lay his family to rest. He rewarded Aloy with a Remarkable Reward Box, stating that he no longer needed it now that his inheritance was ensured. On subsequent visits to the estate, Aloy will not encounter Daradi or the machine lure, likely implying that Ranaman disposed of them both.


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