Pitchcliff is one of two known independent Oseram freeholds located in the Carja Sundom in Horizon Zero Dawn, north of Dryrun Canyon.


The town is typical of Oseram settlements (rough-hewn, smoke-filled, and loud), and the surrounding land bears evidence of Oseram deforestation.

The town is southwest of the gate leading to the Claim. The mayor, Ralert, can be found up on top of a building by climbing a small ladder on the right of the town's main road. It is relatively small compared to other settlements in the game.


Pitchcliff was originally built to act as a southern outpost protecting the Claim from the Carja during the Red Raids. Despite the newly formed alliance between the Carja and the Oseram, the relationship between the tribes remains politically tenuous and access to the Claim is limited to outsiders. Thus, as trade between the tribes has begun to flourish, Pitchcliff has taken on a role as a makeshift border town for those doing business.[1] The mayor, Ralert is notably wary of the arrangement and suspicious of the Carja, considering them land-hungry colonists.



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