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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
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"Aren't you a blast of air from the bellows?"
―Petra, meeting Aloy

Petra Forgewoman, also known simply as Petra, is a member of the Oseram tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Petra is the former leader of the Free Heap settlement and the inventor of the Oseram Cannon.


Petra is slightly shorter than Aloy, with very tanned skin and short, dark hair under a brown bandana. She wears a plain white top under a heavy studded leather apron with shoulder pads and gauntlets.


Desiring freedom from both the patriarchal culture and clan politics, Petra left the Claim in her youth. Like many Oseram, she joined a work gang in Meridian, where she helped build the city's elevators. Soon after the elevators were completed, however, Jiran began the Red Raids. Petra swore to find a home for herself and the Oseram who stuck her: her group lived job-to-job throughout the decade-long war. They eventually settled in an abandoned Oseram camp within the eastern Sundom, which was located nearby a massive scrapyard. The group named their new settlement "Free Heap", with Petra its leader.

When Aloy arrived in Free Heap, Petra hired her to clear out both a group of Scrappers and clan of bandits from the heap, as well as retrieve equipment necessary for finishing a prototype improvement on the Oseram Cannons.

Aloy returned upon completion, but warned Petra that the bandits were planning to attack the town in retaliation. Undeterred, Petra readied the cannon with the retrieved parts, giving it to Aloy to ward off the bandits. To finish the bandits, Petra ordered the bridge shot down, burying the final bandits beneath it. Petra thanked Aloy for her help, promising not to forget her debt to the machine huntress.

During the Battle of the Alight, Petra assists with the ridge defenses using her Oseram Cannons.

Life on the Frontier[]

Following the Battle of the Alight, Petra initially returned to Free Heap. However, finding that it was running just fine in her absence, she decided to relocate to Chainscrape. Six months later, Chainscrape suffered a work stoppage ordered by Ulvund as a result of a Bristleback incursion in the Daunt, which Petra recognized as an opportunistic scheme to pressure Magistrate Javad into signing a concession decree that would put all Carja holdings in the Daunt under Oseram control, thereby removing any reservations for Ulvund's backers in the Claim.

Around the time of the upcoming Embassy with the Tenakth, Petra was surprised to see Aloy enter Chainscrape. After exchanging pleasantries, Petra led the huntress on a tour of Chainscrape, only stopping to witness an argument between Ulvund and Javad. Petra then attempted to lead Aloy to the tavern for a drink but Aloy declined, explaining she was headed for the Embassy. Accepting her choice, Petra advised her to seek her out in the tavern if she changed her mind.

After Aloy cleared out the Bristlebacks and pressured Ulvund into reopening Chainscrape, she paid Petra a visit at the tavern. Petra then requested her friend to intervene in a dispute between the Order of Twilight and Tolland Cleanbroker, who was aiming to claim a Stormbird carcass the refugees were blocking access to. Aloy salvaged the Stormbird heart and gave it to Lokasha after getting Tolland to back off, advising her to seek Petra's aid in getting resettled and protection from Tolland.

Some time after the Embassy, Petra was summoned by Javad as he and Aloy publicly accused Ulvund of causing the Bristleback incursion. Petra further accused him of nearly drowning his fellow miners and permitting Tolland to intimidate the Order of Twilight. This saw Ulvund driven from Chainscrape, allowing Petra to rise to manage it in his place, which Aloy endorsed.


Petra is confident and easygoing. She speaks playfully and is quite friendly to her allies, though can be hotheaded and has a famously bad temper. Like the other members of Free Heap, Petra highly values her freedom, and prefers to avoid depending on traders and tribes as much as possible.

It is hinted that Petra was attracted to Aloy, as she makes several remarks to her that included innuendos, and even stated that she had a weakness for restless girls. Her banter prompts Aloy to ask if all Oseram flirt at inopportune moments. She continues to flirt with Aloy when they reunite at Chainscrape, though she is ultimately content to just share a drink with her from time to time.


Petra is a highly skilled craftswoman and inventor: most notably, she created the Oseram Cannons used during the Liberation, and has continued to refine the design since.

Associated quests[]

Horizon Zero Dawn[]

Horizon Forbidden West[]


  • If Aloy has completed The Sun Shall Fall before first speaking with Petra, she will boast that she always told Dervahl a woman would be his undoing.
  • Ashly Burch, the voice actress for Aloy, stated in a Reddit AMA that she considered Petra to be the most compatible character introduced thus far as a romantic companion, noting Petra would understand her need for autonomy and Petra would likely not remain monogamous.[1]
  • Petra's face model, known as New Hologram, is queer and trans-nonbinary.



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