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"Aren't you a blast of air from the bellows?"
―Petra, meeting Aloy

Petra Forgewoman, also known simply as Petra, is a member of the Oseram tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn. Petra is the leader of the Free Heap settlement and the inventor of the Oseram Cannon.


Petra is an Oseram inventor from the settlement of Free Heap. When she and her people came across some valuable machine parts, a clan of bandits and some Scrappers stole much of their goods and tried to take their claim. Petra hires Aloy to take back the goods, which provokes the bandits to commit a full-scale assault on Free Heap.

Fortunately, Petra uses the recovered parts to complete her prototype Oseram Cannon, which Aloy uses to lay waste to the bandits, saving the claim and gaining Petra's gratitude.

Later, Aloy and Petra meet again after Aloy obtains some Behemoth cables for her.

As the tribes prepare to defend the Spire, Petra arrives as part of the Oseram defensive force and contributes the Cannons that help stave off the first wave of the Eclipse invasion.

She was also involved in the construction of Meridian's elevators at some point before the Liberation.


Petra is slightly shorter than Aloy, with very tanned skin and short, dark hair under a brown bandana. She wears a plain white top under a heavy studded leather apron with shoulder pads and gauntlets.


Petra is confident and easygoing. She speaks playfully and is quite friendly to her allies, though can be hotheaded and has a famously bad temper.

It is hinted that Petra was attracted to Aloy, as she makes several remarks to her that included innuendos, and even stated that she had a weakness for restless girls. Her banter prompts Aloy to ask if all Oseram flirt at inopportune moments.


Petra is highly skilled craftswoman and inventor, creating advanced devices like the Oseram Cannon, the most powerful weapon in the game.

Associated Quests


  • If Aloy had completed The Sun Shall Fall before first speaking with Petra, she will boast that she always told Dervahl a woman would be his undoing.


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