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Aloy: "Quite a place you've got here. You can almost see the little people below the mesa."
Sun-King Avad: "You don't approve? Well, I have a secret for you. Neither do I."

The Palace of the Sun is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. A grand palace located on the outskirts of Meridian. It serves as the residence for the Sun-King.


The Palace of the Sun is located directly outside Meridian, reachable by a heavily guarded bridge. Meridian's aqueduct flows through the palace, providing irrigation to the city and village below.

The architecture of the palace follows the style of Meridian: ornate sandstone walls with copper fixtures. Near the center of the palace is a balcony overlooking Meridian, adorned with blue tapestry. The balcony appears to be the throne area for the Sun-King, and many nobles will wait in line to ask favors of him. Behind this balcony is a shaded living room area, filled with comfortable furniture and lavish decorations.

The interior of the palace is mostly unexplored, as it is off-limits to the Nora Aloy.


It is not clear when the palace was constructed, but by the reign of Sun-King Jiran, it had become the primary residence for the reigning Sun-King.

Liberation of Meridian

It was from the palace that Jiran watched the Liberation unfold, eventually ordering his champion Helis to smuggle his heir Itamen and wife Nasadi to Sunfall when it had become clear the battle was lost.

Avad's forces reached the palace through Meridian's aqueducts, but it was Avad alone who confronted Jiran in his solarium. When Jiran refused to answer honorably for his crimes, Avad reluctantly slew his father, ending the Red Raids. Despite his disapproval of the palace, Avad took residence in the palace like his father before him.

Dervahl's Plot

In Dervahl's attempt to destroy Meridian and murder Avad, he infiltrated the palace by scaling a nearby cliffside, allowing him to climb to the aqueducts. While he was able to subdue the Sun-King and his guards with a sonic weapon, he failed to accomplish what he set out to do, and was defeated by Aloy.

Aloy would meet Avad at the Palace again to warn him of the Eclipse's impeding attack.


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