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"Oureathe Daemon is building hunter-killers, thousands of them. Several new elite units have already been released."

Out of the Forge is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


With HEPHAESTUS expelled from CYAN and Cauldron EPSILON, but five Daemonic Fireclaws still roaming the frozen wilds, Aloy must destroy the escaped machines to complete her task of removing the threat of the Daemon from the Cut.

While speaking to Aratak after The Forge of Winter, he informs Aloy that Naltuk has already tracked the escaped Fireclaws, meaning she must only travel to their locations and dispatch them. Three of the sites contain only one Fireclaw but the fourth site has two of the machines that must be defeated. At the double location, Aratak will appear to aid Aloy in killing them.

Once completed, Aloy returns to Naltuk in Song's Edge to report the hunt's success and complete the quest.


  1. 5/5 Kill the Fireclaws
  2. Talk to Naltuk



Out of the Forge - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • One of the 2 Fireclaws that spawn very close to each other in the site scouted by Aratak is always non-Daemonic, making it vulnerable to Aloy's EPSILON Override. Players can take advantage of this by stealthily overriding said Fireclaw and having it fight the Daemonic one uninterrupted. The victorious Fireclaw will possibly left with significantly reduced health, making an easier kill for Aloy and Aratak.
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