Ourea's Retreat is a ruin location in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


The Old World

This facility was created to hold auxiliary functions for Project Firebreak's AI, CYAN.

In March of the year 2046, the project's Director Kenny Chau and lead programmer Anita Sandoval spent sixteen hours at the facility upgrading the central processing unit, speaking to the intense labor that went into the project's preparation.[1]

Recent History

During Ourea's escape from the Carja during the Red Raids, she stumbled across this facility and CYAN sealed its doors to shield Ourea from her pursuers. Here, human and AI learned much about each other's origins and surroundings, developing a strong bond. At some point in their encounter, CYAN warned Ourea of The Daemon and the threat it posed, prompting Ourea to successfully convince her werak to embark on an expedition led by her brother, the chefitain Aratak, to save CYAN.

When the expedition met with disaster, Ourea again returned to this facility above the peak of the Shaman's Path to search for CYAN's guidance; however, since the AI was enslaved by the Daemon, she was not able commune with the Spirit until Aloy arrived and temporarily freed CYAN from the Daemon's hold by solving a puzzle using her override ability.

After the Daemon's defeat, Aloy returns to this facility to converse with CYAN, who offers more information on the objective, history of, and the people behind the Firebreak project.


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