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Orn is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Orn is a sentry for the Nora tribe stationed at a watchtower in the south of the Sacred Lands. His duty is to signal the arrival of invaders using signal arrows.

Associated Quests

Shortage of Supplies

After successfully leading a retaliatory attack against killers who attacked the tribe's rite of passage for new Nora Braves, the Nora War-Chief Sona asked Aloy to deliver a cache of signal arrows to Orn at his watchtower. Aloy did so, commenting on Orn's age on meeting him, to which he responded by highlighting her own youth. He expressed unease about the killers returning, but was ready to do his duty of alerting the tribe.


  • If Aloy meets Orn after The Heart of the Nora, Orn will stand in awestruck wonder at the sight of "the Anointed".
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