Opili is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. She is a Banuk child encountered in the Stone Yield Bandit Camp after it has been cleared.

She appears to have found the bandit Ohlgrud's discarded helmet and now dons it while playing make believe as a fierce bandit leader.


You're too late, outlander. The Great Opili has already claimed this camp!

That's me. Remember my name. I will be the most feared bandit leader of all.

My song will be so loud, all will try to cover their ears. But that will be forbidden!

No-one will ever tell me the wilds are too dangerous. That's forbidden too.

I'll sleep all day and stay up all night if I want to, just to confuse my enemies.

Do you think a bandit leader needs a shaman? Then I will have three. No, four!

The very best shamans, from the Conclave. I'll ride there on a Ravager's back.

When it grows cold, I'll take the best skins and furs from every werak in the land.

And when it's warm, they must bring me ice cut from the great frozen lakes.

The Carja will hear of my bandit deeds and build a wall to hold me back, but it won't work.

The Oseram will--I haven't even decided what the Oseram will do, but it doesn't stop me.

What tribe are you? You look fearsome. From your people, I'll just accept tribute.

I'll capture a Tallneck and bring it here, so I can hear my enemies in Ban-Ur talking about me.

Yes, I'll be a legend like the great Arnak! Only I won't be exiled. A bandit cannot be exiled.

Enough talk, stranger. I have plans to draw up, and I don't want my mother to find me.

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