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Olara is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Since the age of six, Olara looked after her brother, Brom, who was haunted by "the Forgotten". After killing a hunter who had been harassing him, Brom was exiled from the Nora tribe for 10 years. Once his sentence had been served, she went to find him, but found his camp deserted, with blood everywhere. Worried for his safety, she requested Aloy's help in locating him.

Aloy found Brom's camp in disarray, infested with Watchers. Following a blood trail to a bucket and some footprints, she found a group of Scrappers at the end. She then found a supply crate that had been opened, and later, the supplies themselves. At the end of the trail she finally found Brom, standing on a ledge. After talking him down, Olara appeared and said that she would take care of him.

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