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"Cold fingers and empty pockets. Next time, I'm heading all the way out west."

Ohtur is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. He is one of the quest-givers for Into the Frozen Wilds, found at the Carja border settlement Daytower


An old friend of Burgrend, Ohtur was part of an Oseram trade group who came to the Cut in hopes of starting a trade route with the Banuk. However, his efforts were met with Banuk indifference, dangerous new machines, and rumors of a supernatural entity lurking in a nearby volcano. Frustrated with his lack of success, Ohtur left the Cut for Daytower.

Ohtur is one of three quest-givers for Into the Frozen Wilds, and the first quest-giver that can be encountered in the game. Aloy finds him muttering to himself about the Banuk and the new machines. Like the other two quest-givers, Ohtur may share information about the Banuk, the history of the Cut, and the rumors of machines and spirits. He advises Aloy not to go due to the danger, but nevertheless tells her where the Cut is.

After completing The Hunters Three, Ohtur can be seen with Tatai, Urkai and Tulemak, teaching them to harvest machine parts as a favor to Burgrend.

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"Aloy: What is this place - the Cut?
Ohtur: When the Carja took up swords and hacked away at the edge of Banuk land, they left the Cut behind.
Aloy: So a battleground from the war... Like the valley outside the Sacred Land.
Ohtur: Mm-hmm. Mountain pass in the far north and east'll get you there. It's open to outlanders, hardy ones, like you. Just don't expect much of a welcome. Especially not now.
―At Daytower
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