Ohlgrud Smithsson is a character and an opponent in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


At some point, Ohlgrud Smithsson lived in the Oseram settlement of Three Chains. While there, he committed theft and murder, following which he fled The Claim for the Banuk region known as The Cut. His property was seized to be auctioned off, and a group was dispatched to track him down.[1]

A Bandit Leader

Sometime after arriving in The Cut, Ohlgrud commissioned the Oseram weapon tinkerer Varga to build him a unique weapon capable of spitting fire like a Fire Bellowback. However, instead of completing the deal, he used the ruse of a phony progress report on his commission to lure Varga into a bandit ambush and stole the unfinished Forgefire from her.

Eventually, he became the leader of the Stone Yield bandit camp. He was eventually killed by the Nora huntress Aloy during her raid on the camp.

After the camp was cleared, a Banuk child named Opili found his helmet, which she kept to play with.

Associated Quests

Battle Stats

Ohlgrud wields the stolen Forgefire.

Level HP Additional Info[2]
37 1000
  • Has an extended detection range of up to 50m.
  • Takes reduced damage from headshots.
  • Immune to Silent Strike but susceptible to Critical Hit when afflicted with the Shock status.
  • Flamethrower attack deals increased damage at closer ranges.
  • 70% resistance against Fire and Corruption effects, susceptible to Freeze and Shock.
  • The fuel sac and glass fuel tanks can be set off by Fire Arrows, triggering an explosion.


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