Logo for the Odyssey project, as seen on an Ancient Vessel

The Odyssey was a proposed colony ship started by a multinational government coalition composed of the U.S., China, India, Japan, and the Western European Alliance in the early 2040's in response to the escalating climate crisis.[1]


The Odyssey was truly a remarkable concept. However, by the year 2057 the project was abandoned due to ongoing financial and labor conflicts between the client nations of the coalition on Earth, with what had been built of the ship being abandoned in orbit.[2]

A few years later, the project was bought by the think tank Far Zenith, founded and headed by Danish entrepreneur Osvald Dalgaard in hopes of finishing what the coalition had started.[3] More emphasis was placed on the project and the timeline sped up when knowledge of the Faro Plague became public. It, alongside Project Zero Dawn, was seen as the most likely solution to saving humanity. The ship was equipped with an alpha-build of the APOLLO AI, storage for at least 200,000 zygotes and seeds, and amenities for a crew of 60 to 70 people.[4]

Unfortunately, in 2065 Elisabet Sobeck sent a message to the other Zero Dawn Alphas stating that Odyssey had been lost, after telemetry reported a catastrophic antimatter containment failure as its propulsion drives spun up to depart the solar system, leaving Project Zero Dawn as their only hope.[5]


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