Odund is a minor character and opponent in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is an Oseram bounty-hunter who leads a group of mercenaries known as Odund's Marvels.


Odund's Marvels was one of the mercenary groups Bahavas hired to track down Uthid.

Once Kikuk's Killers, one of the other groups, was fought off by Uthid and Aloy, Odund's Marvels arrived. In an effort to put on a show, Odund brought along Bahavas and his personal guard to witness the fight. The battle would end in disaster for Odund: he and his Marvels all fell to their targets.

Bahavas was later killed by Uthid in vengeance, leaving Odund indirectly responsible for the Sun Priest's death.

Associated Quests

Battle Stats

HP Attack Damage
300 Fire Arrow


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