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"I hear the songs of grief, All-Mother. I would join the call, but I left my prayer beads atop the eastern overlook..."

Odd Grata is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn, and the first errand available in the game.

Obtaining the Quest

While speaking to Rost after finding him in The Point of the Spear, the player has the option to have Aloy ask Rost "Anything else?" before ending the dialogue. If she asks, he will suggest she bring meat to Grata, an elderly Outcast.

If the dialogue option is not selected, Aloy will receive this quest automatically the first time she approaches Grata's Camp.


Helping Grata

If the quest is given by Rost, he will simply tell her to bring Grata some meat. When Aloy goes to see Grata at her camp with the meat, Grata gives thanks to the All-Mother instead of addressing her. The pious Grata constantly prays to the All-Mother and never thanks Aloy, much to her chagrin. Wearily, Aloy makes to leave. However, Grata expresses sadness to the All-Mother that she left her prayer beads at Overlook Climb. Aloy agrees to retrieve them for her.

Aloy retrieves the prayer beads and brings them to Grata. Again, Grata gives thanks to the All-Mother. Not expecting any thanks, Aloy mentions that she is training for the Proving and again makes to leave. However, Grata, to her surprise, indirectly expresses gratitude and appreciation to her by asking the All-Mother to bestow victory on "A Brave of generous heart." Touched, Aloy bids her farewell and leaves.


  1. Talk to Grata
  2. Gather Meat (If Aloy has meat, she will leave some for Grata. If not, she must hunt some and bring it.)
  3. Go to the Overlook Climb
  4. Go to the Overlook
  5. Recover Grata's Prayer Beads
  6. Go to Grata's Camp
  7. Talk to Grata


  • Waiting to come back to this quest towards the end of the game will get the player slightly different dialogue.
  • It is possible to receive two sets of prayer beads by taking the long way around over the North Gate first.



Odd Grata - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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