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The Nora Silent Hunter is an outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn.


"Stitched for stealth, this outfit makes the wearer harder to see and hear."
―Inventory description

The Nora Silent Hunter outfit is produced by the Nora tribe, and boosts the wearer's stealth.

This outfit can be obtained in Light, Medium, or Heavy varieties, with an increasing number of mod slots and potency of effects. In New Game+, the Heavy variant of this outfit is no longer sold by merchants, and is replaced by an Adept version with an additional modification slot.

In Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, an additional Master variant of this outfit is available, with the same base stat and an additional modification slot relative to the Heavy variant. In Frozen Wilds New Game+, the Master version is replaced by a Master Adept version, with an additional modification slot.


This outfit is one of the few ways Aloy can gain increased stealth. The stealth effect is split evenly between a camouflage ability and noise reduction, thus it makes the wearer harder to spot, and slows the speed at which enemies become alerted.

It is best used when trying to explore without attracting enemy attention, or when taking out large groups of enemies silently, such as clearing out Bandit Camps or machine herds.

Outfit Stats

Rarity Effects Mod slots
Nora Silent Hunter Light Uncommon 10 Stealth 0
Nora Silent Hunter Medium Rare 20 Stealth 1
Nora Silent Hunter Heavy Very rare 30 Stealth 2
Nora Silent Hunter Heavy AdeptNG+ Very rare 30 Stealth 3
Nora Silent Hunter MasterFW Very rare 30 Stealth 3
Nora Silent Hunter Master AdeptFW NG+ Very rare 30 Stealth 4

Acquisition Details

Sources Regular Cost Ultra Hard Cost Sell Value
Light Merchant-Icon.pngGeneral Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 50
3 Blaze
MetalShardsTransparent.png 250
6 Blaze
MetalShardsTransparent.png 25
Medium Merchant-Icon.pngGeneral Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 200
2 Watcher Lens
MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,000
4 Watcher Lens
MetalShardsTransparent.png 50
Heavy Merchant-Icon.pngTier 2-4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 800
1 Bellowback Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 4,000
2 Bellowback Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
Heavy AdeptNG+ Merchant-Icon.pngTier 2-4 Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 1,600
1 Bellowback Heart
1 Sawtooth Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 8,000
2 Bellowback Heart
2 Sawtooth Heart
MetalShardsTransparent.png 100
MasterFW Bluegleam Merchants 18 Bluegleam 18 Bluegleam MetalShardsTransparent.png 10
Master AdeptFW NG+ Bluegleam Merchants MetalShardsTransparent.png 2,500
18 Bluegleam
1 Frostclaw Lens
MetalShardsTransparent.png 12,500
18 Bluegleam
1 Frostclaw Lens
MetalShardsTransparent.png 10


  • The Master variant of this outfit is based on the clothing worn by Sona.


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