Nora Lookout is a rare outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn, obtainable only by redeeming a pre-order code. It is produced by the Nora, and boosts the wearer's stealth.


"A runner's garb, effectively camouflaged so its wearer can trail prey undetected across the length and breadth of the Sacred Land."
―Inventory description


Unique Outcast - Shield-Weaver - Undergarments
Banuk Banuk Ice Hunter - Banuk Sickness Eater - Banuk Trailblazer - Banuk WerakFW
Carja Carja Blazon - Carja Silks - Carja Storm Ranger
Nora Nora Brave - Nora Lookout - Nora Protector - Nora Silent Hunter - Nora Survivor
Oseram Oseram Arrow Breaker - Oseram Sparkworker
Shadow Carja Shadow Stalwart
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