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The Nora Keeper is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. As Groundskeeper of the Nora Hunting Grounds, he oversees the Tools Trials.


The Nora Keeper is the keeper of the first Hunting Grounds Aloy comes across.

Zealous hunters at heart, he and his Nora partners left the Sacred Lands in pursuit of new herds and machines to hunt. Knowing they would not be accepted for their Nora identity, they disguised themselves as Carja to gain access to the Hunters Lodge. However, unable to completely assimilate into Carja culture and unable to embrace his own, he soon grew homesick. Thus, to compromise the Nora Keeper returned to the Sacred Lands to establish his own Hunting Grounds, unbeknownst to the Matriarchs (it is unclear whether he revealed his Nora roots to the Hunters Lodge).


The Nora Keeper opposes the laws of the High Matriarchs, especially the taboo on exploring foreign lands, stating that ignoring the outside world benefits no one.

Associated Quests


  • The Nora Keeper shares the same familial face painting as Teb and Karst.
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