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Nora Brave is an uncommon outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy receives it automatically during the main quest.

This outfit is Aloy's standard outfit (aside from the Outcast outfit) and she is seen wearing it in much of the promotional material, on the game's cover art, and in certain cutscenes.


"Nora brave's armor, stitched by Teb, accentuated by Aloy's own designs. Offers no extra protection but can be upgraded."
―Inventory description

The Nora Brave outfit does not confer any benefits on its own and is only fitted with one modification slot.


The base of the outfit is very similar to the Outcast outfit, but has more adornments and refinements, such as arm guards, a fur collar, and decorative stitching.

The outfit consists of a linen undersuit, a hide top and a fur pelt draped around Aloy's shoulders. To decorate and personalize her outfit, Aloy wears several items around her collar. The necklaces closer to her neck are made from braided or coiled leather. The exception is a single anodized cable, which loops around her neck twice and still has copper connectors attached. The lower three necklaces are made from wooden beads, dyed with crude pigment. Aloy’s bracers consist of a layer of hide wrapped around the arm, on top of which an upside-down fur pelt is placed to cushion the third layer: a plate from a machine.

The metal plates on Aloy’s bracers are harvested during a machine hunt, and show wear and tear – mainly edge wear where the coating is stripped away and the metal underneath shows, but also light scratching.Aloy's skirt is made of brain tanned hide with a linen and twine trim. The flaps of the skirt are tucked under her belt, which consists of multiple smaller leather belts and a sash made of red silk. To carry resources and crafting material, Aloy uses several leather pouches that are attached to her belt, together with a rope and her quiver. Aloy's pants are made of leather panels. Her knee plate is harvested from a machine and kept in place by a leather tie.

Aloy’s shoes are made of rough leather stitched carefully to fit Aloy’s feet snugly. They are ideal for climbing and sneaking. Like her bracers, Aloy’s knee guard is a small plate harvested from a machine. It is held into place with braided blue cord and a leather tie.


Aloy automatically obtains this outfit during the quest Mother's Heart. Aloy speaks to Teb shortly after entering the settlement. Teb, a stitcher, offers Aloy this outfit as a long overdue gift of thanks for saving his life many years ago.



  • The outfit is confirmed to return for Horizon Forbidden West, but it appears to have been renamed to "Nora Huntress".
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