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"That one with the black armor is a new breed, deadlier than the rest."

Aloy pursues a new breed of Sawtooth

A "new breed" of machine is seen in the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series, possessing black armor rather than white, along with increased destructive capabilities. They are drawn to locations where large numbers of machines have been killed, serving as guardians, and will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone they consider a threat.


This new breed of machine was encountered by Talanah while in Aloy's company; the Nora huntress had been engaged in combat against a Sawtooth of this variety, and Talanah came to her assistance. After the pair defeated one, Aloy enlisted Talanah's help to track down a second that had escaped. Following its tracks across the river, the duo discovered the machine had destroyed an entire caravan of Carja travelers; the only survivor was a young girl who fled, with the Sawtooth pursuing her relentlessly. Aloy and Talanah chased after the machine, and worked together to destroy it and save the girl. Afterwards, Aloy cautioned Talanah that no one other than herself would likely be able to defeat these machines.

One week later, Talanah encountered a black-armored Clawstrider in the woods near Rising Light, narrowly escaping it with the help of Amadis. After being questioned by Amadis, Talanah revealed that her mission was to destroy the machine, which she considered a danger to the entire village. The two tracked the machine to Sunbreak Valley, where it attacked a group of mercenaries and trappers who had been aggressively over-hunting Grazers in the area. Talanah leaped into action to fight off the machine, and with assistance from Amadis she was able to stun it, then kick it off a cliff and into a river.


These machines can be recognized by their distinctive black armor. In all other ways they appear identical to standard machines. So far, all members of this new breed have been variants of Combat class machines.


These machines appear when other machines are killed in large numbers, serving as guardians. They are especially persistent and ferocious hunters, chasing down prey at any cost.


These machines are much tougher than their standard counterparts, able to withstand high amounts of damage. Aloy's Focus indicated that they may be weak to Fire Arrows, and presumably other fire-based weaponry.


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