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Nessa is a character in the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series. She was a close confidante of Amadis Beit Raveesh during the Red Raids, working with him to secretly undermine the Carja army from within, before she was killed in battle against Tenakth forces.


At the beginning of the Red Raids, Nessa disguised herself as a man so that she could join the Carja army. She was sent to the Forbidden West, where she was ordered to participate in brutal raids against the native Utaru. Although Nessa was disturbed by the nature of her duties, she maintained an outward facade of indifference, recognizing that she was likely to be discovered and punished if she displayed weakness.

During one raid, Nessa discovered Amadis Beit Raveesh, a young and newly-deployed officer in the Carja army, attempting to aid an injured Utaru victim. Nessa confronted him, in an attempt to warn him of the dangers of showing sympathy to their enemies, but Amadis interpreted this as a threat and tackled Nessa to the ground, knocking her helmet loose. Amadis hesitated upon realizing she was a woman, allowing Nessa to quickly don her helmet again and leave. As she walked away, Nessa cautioned Amadis not to show compassion again in front of other soldiers.

Nessa and Amadis meet in secret

From this point on, Nessa and Amadis developed a relationship based on their mutual secrets, working together to sabotage Carja raids they were involved in and protect their intended victims.

Nessa's unit was eventually deployed into combat against a force of Tenakth warriors, on the orders of General Gediah Kho Veriv. Although Amadis had intelligence suggesting the Carja forces would be greatly outmatched, he was unable to avert the attack or warn Nessa in time, and she perished in the ensuing battle.


Nessa's death impacted Amadis greatly, leaving him with feelings of profound guilt. He kept a salvaged portion of her helmet as a keepsake, wearing it as a pendant in memory of her.


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