Naysay Doom was an Old Ones cult that existed in the 21st Century.


The cult was active during the mid-21st century and led by a man called Father Globe. Their known members included famed bioterrorist Harriet Choi.

Doom Plague and Collapse

In 2039, Choi engineered a viral cocktail that would eventually be known as the "Doom Plague." It killed dozens of people in New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Choi was arrested and gave up the rest of the members in order to avoid execution. This action caused the collapse of the group along with Choi's death in 2063.[1]


Following the attack in 2039, many countries outlawed burgeoning research on genetic testing.[2]

A historical drama was made by director Lloyd Stroud detailing the cult's rise and fall. It was poorly received.[3]


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