Naoto (full name unknown) was a member of Project Zero Dawn, serving as the Alpha in charge of the DEMETER subordinate function.


Almost nothing is known about Naoto, as most of the records regarding him have been lost to time. What can be discerned is that he was a man of Japanese origin, an expert in botany, and had a deep interest in poetry.[2] Due to his expertise, he was chosen as the Alpha of the DEMETER subordinate function.

Like the rest of the Alphas, Naoto was evacuated to GAIA Prime in January 2066, where he would spend the rest of his life perfecting his respective function.


All of the Alphas, including Naoto, were murdered by Ted Faro following his deletion of the APOLLO archive.


Naoto's efforts resulted in the restoration of flora to the once-ravaged biosphere, which paved the way for the re-introduction of fauna, and eventually humanity.

Sometime after the destruction of GAIA Prime, mysterious floral formations began appearing: metallic flowers, each surrounded by an equilateral triangle of purple flowers. An almost-identical flower formation was found surrounding the body of Elisabet Sobeck, suggesting a connection to GAIA. This suggests that Naoto's love for poetry has found a way to live on through DEMETER.


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