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Mother's Watch is a human settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a small Nora settlement in the southwestern part of the Embrace.


Mother's Watch controls access to the tribe's most sacred monument, All-Mother Mountain. For this reason, Mother's Watch is home to many of the most religious Nora tribe members.[1] The village itself is the smallest settlement in the Embrace, consisting of a few small homes.


As Mother's Watch is located directly outside of All-Mother Mountain, it is likely that this was the first Nora settlement. While the majority of the Nora would settle in Mother's Heart, Mother's Watch would remain the spiritual hub of the Nora tribe.

Eclipse Invasion

Following the Proving and War Party massacres, many of the Nora came to Mother's Watch to sing the Hymn of Atonement. Resh, who was made interim War-Chief following Sona's disappearance, chose to establish the heaviest defenses at Mother's Watch, against her orders to guard the whole of the Embrace.

Within minutes of Aloy leaving the Sacred Mountain following her recovery, the gate was attacked by Corrupted Striders, led by a lone Corruptor. While the machines broke through, the Braves were able to kill them before they could approach the Mountain. From the Corruptor's carcass, Aloy uncovered the module used to take control of machines. Attaching it to her spear, Aloy gained the ability to override machines.

In the Eclipse's attack on the Embrace, Mother's Watch was burned to the ground. However, most of the Nora escaped death by retreating into the sacred mountain. While the Eclipse threat is gone, Mother's Watch remains in ruins.