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"A Nora village, up on the heights."
Aloy, upon first sighting Mother's Rise

Mother's Rise is a human settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is one of the Nora villages located in the Sacred Lands.


Mother's Rise is the smallest of the Nora villages. It rests on the mountainside in the mountain ridge that forms the eastern wall of the Embrace. It is accessible by following the road north out of the Northern Embrace Gate. Its location high in the mountains allows the Nora watchtowers a clear view of the hunting grounds and the ruin site Devil's Thirst.

Mother's Rise is one of only two Nora settlements not situated within the tribe's central territory, known as the Embrace. For this reason, the village is a key stopping point for young Nora hunters venturing outside of the Embrace for the first time.

Associated Quests

A Daughter's Vengeance

Aloy receives this quest from Yan, a young man found praying at a small shrine on a cliff at the northern point of this village.

Insult to Injury

Aloy can receive this quest from Fia, located in Mother's Rise, or from Enara in Mother's Heart. Regardless, Aloy will eventually need to visit Fia as part of the quest.