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"Mother's Crown. Feels more like a military camp. I bet this village has seen better days. "
Aloy, upon first visiting Mother's Crown

Mother's Crown is a Nora fort located at the northern edge of the tribe's territory, the Sacred Land, in Horizon Zero Dawn. The settlement is located on a hill overlooking the northern Sacred Land. The fort is the furthest-removed settlement from the Embrace.


The fort at Mother's Crown marks the current edge of Nora territory after the tribe was forced to give ground to the Carja during the Red Raids. Mother's Vigil previously marked the farthest reach of the Sacred Lands until it was destroyed by Carja raiders, forcing its surviving residents to resettle at Mother's Crown.

Due to the settlement's proximity to the Sundom's border, Mother's Crown is heavily defended and behaves as a first line of defense for the rest of the Sacred Lands. Its defenses are organized by the Brave Marea with counsel from War-Chief Sona. When Marea won the Proving after her eighteenth birthday, she requested to be posted at Mother's Crown as her prize.

According to Marea, during the Red Raids the settlement survived fifteen assaults and broke three Carja invasions. Unlike other Nora settlements, the majority of the Braves comprising the defense at Mother's Crown are female.




  1. Based on a visual comparison of Garden of the Gods at the Mesa Overlook.