Mother's Cradle is a small human settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the southernmost Nora village in the Embrace, located east of Mother's Watch and north of the Southern Embrace Gate.


Mother's Cradle is a small Nora fishing village in the southern corner of the Embrace. It rests on the southern shore of Searcher's Course River. The settlement grew around a small natural lake fed by the river and eventually became the primary supplier of fish to all tribe members living in the Embrace and the Braves providing defense.[1]

Mother's Cradle is a popular settlement among those who wish to live within the security of the Embrace's walls but hope to avoid the crowds in Mother's Heart.

During the Eclipse's attack on the Embrace during the main quest The Heart of the Nora, Mother's Cradle was abandoned, and razed to the ground. Three Braves stayed behind to buy the rest of the village time to escape, and were held captive by the Eclipse. If Aloy goes to the village and defeats the cultists there, the Braves will join her as she saves the rest of the tribe.

It is unclear whether the settlement will be able to recover, although a merchant can be found there following the defeat of the Eclipse invasion.




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