An Ancient Vessel bearing the Miriam Technologies logo

Miriam Technologies was an old Earth corporation that manufactured environmentally-friendly robotics and other "life-positive" technologies.[1]


Miriam Technologies was founded in 2049 by world-renowned scientist Dr. Elisabet Sobeck. Prior to starting her own company, Dr. Sobeck spent nine years at Faro Automated Solutions (FAS), one of the largest and most successful technology companies of the time, where she worked to pioneer the rollout of large-scale green robotics. Over time, FAS began to shift its focus away from environmental issues and towards the more lucrative business of automated war machines.

Vehemently opposed to the new direction of FAS, Dr. Sobeck resigned from the corporation and began her own venture later that year. Miriam eventually became the world's largest suppliers of green robots and went on to win numerous awards and accolades, including the 2053 Nobel Prize for Physics and the 2056 Rachel Carson Award for Environmental Progress.[1]


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