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Mine Launchers are heavy projectile weapons mounted on the backs of Scorchers.

How to obtain

Mine Launchers are only found on a Scorcher's back and serve as their heaviest weapon. Using weapons that deal tear damage will rip them off, causing them to fall to the ground where they can be picked up and used against the Scorcher or other machines.


Fired from the hip and dealing up to 300 damage per mine, the launcher comes with a 30-round magazine and fires proximity-triggered explosive mines in an arcing trajectory. The mine hovers around eye level and flares a reddish glow once fully armed while emitting a whirring sound that increases in pitch when approached, and can be used offensively to carpet bomb the immediate surroundings or defensively to block choke points and lure enemies into them. The blast generated by the detonation has a knockback effect and can inflict Stagger or Knockdown states on enemies. Mines automatically self-destruct after 30 seconds.

This weapon can kill entire squads of humans or packs of machines before the magazine is spent and the launcher has to be dropped, as it cannot be reloaded.


  • The high blast damage and splash radius can hit multiple targets at once.
  • Mines arch heavily in flight and can be lobbed up and over obstacles like a short-range mortar.
  • Inflicts significant tear damage that can remove armor and components.
  • Can rapidly deploy mines with fully automatic fire.
  • Large magazine size.


  • Rounds have the poorest range compared to all other heavy weapons.
  • The mines can also lightly damage and knock Aloy back if she triggers them.
  • Like all pickup weapons, it slows Aloy down carrying it.


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