An Ancient Vessel bearing the Metallurgic logo

Metallurgic International was a large corporation involved in mining on Earth before the Faro Plague.


Bashar Mati's father died in an effort to protect a claim by the company to a tantalum mine. His mother later married Wyatt Mahante, a high ranking executive of the company. She started seeing Wyatt after meeting him to discuss her injuries caused by a Lifter in one of M.Int's mines. She later died due to being exposed to LuBor-6, a chemical in solvents she used to clean robot joints.

Other Activities

In addition to mining, Metallurgic International had a sports team, the Metallurgists. They played at the Denver Stadium, where Bashar Mati watched the game with his mother and his stepfather.

They also had a hand in politics, backing candidate Lacy Almodovar during her campaign against Barney Atami even though she took an anti-corporate stance and announced her intention to overturn the controversial Supreme Court case Schott v. Frost during her campaign.

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